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Redux Quick Start Guide

By : James Lee, Tao Wei, Suresh Kumar Mukhiya
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Redux Quick Start Guide

By: James Lee, Tao Wei, Suresh Kumar Mukhiya

Overview of this book

Starting with a detailed overview of Redux, we will follow the test-driven development (TDD) approach to develop single-page applications. We will set up JEST for testing and use JEST to test React, Redux, Redux-Sage, Reducers, and other components. We will then add important middleware and set up immutableJS in our application. We will use common data structures such as Map, List, Set, and OrderedList from the immutableJS framework. We will then add user interfaces using ReactJS, Redux-Form, and Ant Design. We will explore the use of react-router-dom and its functions. We will create a list of routes that we will need in order to create our application, and explore routing on the server site and create the required routes for our application. We will then debug our application and integrate Redux Dev tools. We will then set up our API server and create the API required for our application. We will dive into a modern approach to structuring our server site components in terms of Model, Controller, Helper functions, and utilities functions. We will explore the use of NodeJS with Express to build the REST API components. Finally, we will venture into the possibilities of extending the application for further research, including deployment and optimization.
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About the authors

James Lee is a passionate software wizard working at one of the top Silicon Valley-based start-ups specializing in big data analysis. He has also worked at Google and Amazon. In his day job, he works with big data technologies, including Cassandra and Elasticsearch, and is an absolute Docker geek and IntelliJ IDEA lover. Apart from his career as a software engineer, he is keen on sharing his knowledge with others and guiding them, especially in relation to start-ups and programming. He has been teaching courses and conducting workshops on Java programming / IntelliJ IDEA since he was 21. James also enjoys skiing and swimming, and is a passionate traveler.


Tao Wei is a passionate software engineer who works in a leading Silicon Valley-based big data analysis company. Previously, Tao worked in big IT companies, including IBM and Cisco. He has intensive experience in designing and building distributed, large-scale systems with proven high availability and reliability. Tao has an MS degree in computer science from McGill University and many years' experience as a teaching assistant in a variety of computer science classes. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and swimming, and is a passionate photographer.


Suresh Kumar Mukhiya is a PhD candidate, currently affiliated to the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL). He is a big data enthusiast, specializing in information systems, model-driven software engineering, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence. He has completed a Masters in information systems from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, along with a thesis in processing mining. He also holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and information technology (BSc.CSIT) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, where he was decorated with the Vice-Chancellor's Award for obtaining the highest score. He is a passionate photographer and enjoys traveling. 

About the reviewers

Evheniy Bystrov is a full–stack engineer with over 15 years' experience. For the last 5 years, he has worked closely with Node.js and React/Redux. Like any other full-stack engineer, he has experience working with SQL/NoSQL databases, clouds (AWS and Google Cloud), machine learning and big data. Currently, he is a technical team leader at RightNow, a German start-up. He writes articles on Medium (@evheniybystrov), and contributes to the open source community. His current open source project is skazkajs.

It gave me great pleasure to assist with this book, since I consider React/Redux to be very popular nowadays, and I believe this situation will remain the same for at least the next 5 years. This book will help any web developer to understand what Redux is and how to use it with React. You can also read up on other popular and useful libraries, such as Redux Saga, React Router, and Ant Design. And this book is not only for frontend developers; it also explains how to create a simple Node.js REST full API.

Nazare Emanuel-Ioan is a focused and passionate frontend developer. He first started as a backend developer at Creative-Tim, working with PHP and Zend Framework, and soon after that, he started to develop ReactJS frontend templates for the same company. Also, during his second year at the company, he began to teach high school and middle school students the basics of programming using C++. After he stopped teaching C++, he started working on tutorial articles regarding the integration of ReactJS with other technologies, such as webpack, Babel, and Redux.

I would first like to thank Amrita Venugopal, who has reached out to me about reviewing this book. Also, I would like to thank my colleagues at Creative-Tim, especially Alin, who has encouraged me to accept this request.

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