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React Projects

By : Roy Derks
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React Projects

By: Roy Derks

Overview of this book

Developed by Facebook, React is a popular library for building impressive user interfaces. React extends its capabilities to the mobile platform using the React Native framework and integrates with popular web and mobile tools to build scalable applications. React Projects is your guide to learning React development by using modern development patterns and integrating React with powerful web tools such as GraphQL, Expo, and React 360. You'll start building a real-world project right from the first chapter and get hands on with developing scalable applications as you advance to building more complex projects. Throughout the book, you'll use the latest versions of React and React Native to explore features such as Higher Order Components (HOC), Context, and Hooks on multiple platforms, which will help you build full stack web and mobile applications efficiently. Finally, you'll delve into unit testing with Jest to build test-driven apps. By the end of this React book, you'll have developed the skills necessary to start building scalable React apps across web and mobile platforms.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)

Creating a project management board application

In this section, we'll create a project management board PWA that uses React APIs such as Suspense and the HTML5 Drag and Drop API. We're going to use a Create React App, which we can find in the GitHub repository for this chapter.

Handling the data flow

With the initial version of the application in place, the next step is to fetch the data from the data file and handle its flow through the components. For this, we will use React Suspense and memo. With Suspense, we can access the React lazy API to dynamically load components and, with memo, we can control which components should rerender when their props change.

The first part of this section will show us how to load...