Corporate Learning with Moodle Workplace

Corporate Learning with Moodle Workplace


In this chapter, you learned how to manage and award different types of incentives in Moodle Workplace, namely certificates, competencies, and badges.

First, we provided an overview of the skills and incentives that are available in Moodle Workplace, which included an overview of the typical processes that occur once specific goals have been achieved. Next, you learned how to manage certification templates and how to construct them using a range of static, dynamic, and validation elements. We then looked at different means to issue certificates to users, namely via dynamic rules, manually, and using the course certificate activity.

Second, we briefly introduced competencies, which dealt with managing competency frameworks and competencies per se. We then covered three awarding options, namely via course and activity completion, via learning plans, and via dynamic rules.

Third, we covered the basics of course and site-wide badges. After a short overview, you learned...

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