Corporate Learning with Moodle Workplace

Corporate Learning with Moodle Workplace

Understanding Workplace's approach to seminars

So far, all the Moodle Workplace-specific features have been modeled using dedicated tools, such as multi-tenancy, certification, and reporting. The approach Moodle has taken with seminars is slightly different—an activity called Appointment booking has been adopted, which supports face-to-face learning. The following diagram attempts to visualize the structure of appointment bookings and how they are embedded in courses:

Figure 9.1 – Appointment bookings in Moodle Workplace

As we saw in Chapter 3, Moodle Courses, Users, and Roles, courses are organized into topics. Courses can also be part of programs or certifications, which we covered in Chapter 6, Onboarding and Compliance. Appointment booking is a module that is placed within a course like any other Moodle activity or resource.

Important Note

An appointment booking comprises one or many appointments, and each appointment consists of...

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