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React Application Architecture for Production

By : Alan Alickovic
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React Application Architecture for Production

By: Alan Alickovic

Overview of this book

Building large-scale applications in production can be overwhelming with the amount of tooling choices and lack of cohesive resources. To address these challenges, this hands-on guide covers best practices and web application development examples to help you build enterprise-ready applications with React in no time. Throughout the book, you’ll work through a real-life practical example that demonstrates all the concepts covered. You’ll learn to build modern frontend applications—built from scratch and ready for production. Starting with an overview of the React ecosystem, the book will guide you in identifying the tools available to solve complex development challenges. You’ll then advance to building APIs, components, and pages to form a complete frontend app. The book will also share best practices for testing, securing, and packaging your app in a structured way before finally deploying your app with scalability in mind. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to efficiently build production-ready applications by following industry practices and expert tips.
Table of Contents (13 chapters)

Introduction to MSW

MSW is a tool that allows us to create mocked APIs. It works as a service worker that intercepts any API request that has its mocked version defined. We can inspect the requests and responses in the Network tab of our browser the same way as if we were calling the real API.

To get a high-level overview of how it works, let’s take a look at the diagram provided on their website:

Figure 5.1 – MSW workflow diagram

One great thing about MSW is that our application will behave the same as if it were using a real API, and it’s pretty trivial to switch to using the real API by turning mocked endpoints off and not intercepting requests.

Another great thing is that since the interception happens at the network level, we will still be able to inspect our requests in the Network tab of the browser dev tools.

Configuration overview

We already have the MSW package installed as a dev dependency. The msw mocked API can...