Python Web Development with Sanic

Python Web Development with Sanic

Part 1:Getting Started with Sanic
Part 2:Hands-On Sanic
Part 3:Putting It All together


The finished web application is available for usage at Perhaps most importantly, you can take a look at the OpenAPI documentation at You should find some really helpful information there about how you can interact with the API. I hope that you feel very comfortable making direct HTTP requests using curl or another tool and will take some time to explore the API. I highly suggest that you open the GitHub repository, the OpenAPI documentation, and a terminal to start playing with the API.

The source code will be memorialized at the time of publishing this book in the GitHub repository. This is for your benefit so that you can always see exactly what the code was like when this book was written. But as we know, web applications are constantly evolving. There are bugs to fix, features to implement, upgrades to perform, and other reasons to change code. Therefore, the actual deployment of the application will be from my personal...

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