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Mastering Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core

By : Andrea Tosato, Marco Minerva, Emanuele Bartolesi
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Mastering Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core

By: Andrea Tosato, Marco Minerva, Emanuele Bartolesi

Overview of this book

The Minimal APIs feature, introduced in .NET 6, is the answer to code complexity and rising dependencies in creating even the simplest of APIs. Minimal APIs facilitate API development using compact code syntax and help you develop web APIs quickly. This practical guide explores Minimal APIs end-to-end and helps you take advantage of its features and benefits for your ASP.NET Core projects. The chapters in this book will help you speed up your development process by writing less code and maintaining fewer files using Minimal APIs. You’ll also learn how to enable Swagger for API documentation along with CORS and handle application errors. The book even promotes ideas to structure your code in a better way using the dependency injection library in .NET. Finally, you'll learn about performance and benchmarking improvements for your apps. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to fully leverage new features in .NET 6 for API development and explore how Minimal APIs are an evolution over classical web API development in ASP.NET Core.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: What’s New in .NET 6?
Part 3: Advanced Development and Microservices Concepts

Introducing authentication and authorization

As said at the beginning, the terms authentication and authorization are often used interchangeably, but they represent different security functions. Authentication is the process of verifying that users are who they say they are, while authorization is the task of granting an authenticated user permission to do something. So, authorization must always follow authentication.

Let’s think about the security in an airport: first, you show your ID to authenticate your identity; then, at the gate, you present the boarding pass to be authorized to board the flight and get access to the plane.

Authentication and authorization in ASP.NET Core are handled by corresponding middleware and work in the same way in minimal APIs and controller-based projects. They allow the restriction of access to endpoints depending on user identity, roles, policies, and so on, as we’ll see in detail in the following sections.

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