Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS - Fourth Edition

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS - Fourth Edition

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Section I: The Fundamentals of Responsive Web Design
Section II: Core Skills for Effective Front-End Web Development
Section III: Latest Platform Features and Parting Advice
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Why do we need Flexbox?

We are now going to explore using CSS Flexible Box Layout, or Flexbox, as it is more commonly known.

In previous editions of this book, this is the point where I would have explained the shortcomings of prior CSS layout mechanisms, but as I write this in 2022, it would be like going over why people use cars instead of horses.

There are two capable and powerful layout systems available to us and perfectly suited to responsive design. For laying things out in one direction at a time, we can reach for Flexbox. For two directions at a time, we reach for Grid, the subject of our next chapter.

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