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Clean Code in PHP

By : Carsten Windler, Alexandre Daubois
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Clean Code in PHP

By: Carsten Windler, Alexandre Daubois

Overview of this book

PHP is a beginner-friendly language, but also one that is rife with complaints of bad code,;yet no clean code books are specific to PHP. Enter Clean Code in PHP. This book is a one-stop guide to learning the theory and best practices of clean code specific to real-world PHP app development environments. This PHP book is cleanly split to help you navigate through coding practices and theories to understand and adopt the nuances of the clean code paradigm. In addition to covering best practices, tooling for code quality, and PHP design patterns, this book also presents tips and techniques for working on large-scale PHP apps with a team and writing effective documentation for your PHP projects. By the end of this book, you’ll be able to write human-friendly PHP code, which will fuel your PHP career growth and set you apart from the competition.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
Part 1 – Introducing Clean Code
Part 2 – Maintaining Code Quality

Choosing the right libraries

Choosing the right external library to install can be a real challenge. It’s a challenge we’ve all faced or will all face one day. The reason is simple: there is no point in reinventing the wheel. The reason we want to install an external library is usually the same. We have a specific problem that we want to solve as cleanly as possible. Here, two situations arise:

  • We know how to solve the problem, but we don’t want to have to rewrite everything when tools already exist to solve our problem simply
  • We have no idea how to solve the problem because we lack theoretical or practical knowledge

It is then interesting to call upon an external library whose role is to bring us a very specific solution to our case. The advantages are multiple, as outlined here:

  • The person(s) who develop(s) the external library may have thought for several days or weeks about the best way to provide a solution. It may even be their...