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Full Stack Development with Spring Boot 3 and React - Fourth Edition

By : Juha Hinkula
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Full Stack Development with Spring Boot 3 and React - Fourth Edition

5 (1)
By: Juha Hinkula

Overview of this book

If you’re an existing Java developer who wants to go full stack or pick up another frontend framework, this book is your concise introduction to React. In this three-part build-along, you’ll create a robust Spring Boot backend, a React frontend, and then deploy them together. This new edition is updated to Spring Boot 3 and includes expanded content on security and testing. For the first time ever, it also covers React development with the in-demand TypeScript. You’ll explore the elements that go into creating a REST API and testing, securing, and deploying your applications. You’ll learn about custom Hooks, third-party components, and MUI. By the end of this book, you'll be able to build a full stack application using the latest tools and modern best practices.
Table of Contents (23 chapters)
Part I: Backend Programming with Spring Boot
Part II: Frontend Programming with React
Part III: Full Stack Development
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JSX and styling

JavaScript XML (JSX) is the syntax extension for JavaScript. It is not mandatory to use JSX with React, but there are some benefits that make development easier. For example, JSX prevents injection attacks because all values are escaped in JSX before they are rendered. The most useful feature is that you can embed JavaScript expressions in JSX by wrapping them with curly brackets; this technique will be used a lot in the following chapters. JSX is compiled into regular JavaScript by Babel.

In the following example, we can access a component’s props when using JSX:

function App(props) {
  return <h1>Hello World {props.user}</h1>;

Component props are covered in the next section.

You can also pass a JavaScript expression as props, as shown in the following code snippet:

<Hello count={2+2} />

You can use both inline and external styling with React JSX elements. Here are two examples of inline styling. This...