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Full Stack Development with JHipster - Second Edition

By : Deepu K Sasidharan, Sendil Kumar Nellaiyapen
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Full Stack Development with JHipster - Second Edition

By: Deepu K Sasidharan, Sendil Kumar Nellaiyapen

Overview of this book

JHipster is an open source development platform that allows you to easily create web apps and microservices from scratch without spending time on wiring and integrating different technologies. Updated to include JHipster 6, Java 11, Spring Boot 2.1, Vue.js, and Istio, this second edition of Full Stack Development with JHipster will help you build full stack applications and microservices seamlessly. You'll start by understanding JHipster and its associated tools, along with the essentials of full stack development, before building a monolithic web app. You'll then learn the JHipster Domain Language (JDL) with entity modeling using JDL-Studio. With this book, you'll create production-ready web apps using Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Angular, and Bootstrap, and run tests and set up continuous integration pipelines with Jenkins. As you advance, you'll learn how to convert your monoliths to microservices and how to package your application for production with various deployment options, including Heroku and Google Cloud. You'll also learn about Docker and Kubernetes, along with an introduction to the Istio service mesh. Finally, you'll build your client-side with React and Vue.js and discover JHipster's best practices. By the end of the book, you'll be able to leverage the best tools available to build modern web apps.
Table of Contents (23 chapters)
Section 1: Getting Started with the JHipster Platform
Section 2: Building and Customizing Web Applications with JHipster
Section 3: Continuous Integration and Testing
Section 4: Converting Monoliths to Microservice Architecture
Section 5: Deployment of Microservices
Section 6: React and Vue.js for the Client Side


This book, Full Stack Development with JHipster, aims to address the following challenges faced by full stack developers today:

  • There is a multitude of technologies and options out there to learn.
  • Customer demands have increased, and hence time to market has become more stringent.
  • Client-side frameworks have become complicated and difficult to integrate.
  • There is so much integration between technologies and concepts that it overwhelms most novice and even proficient developers.

JHipster provides a platform for developers to easily create web applications and microservices from scratch, without having to spend a lot of time wiring everything together and integrating technologies. This frees up time immensely for developers to actually focus on their solution rather than spending time learning and writing boilerplate code. JHipster will help novice and experienced developers to be more productive from day one. It's like pair programming with an entire community.

This book will take you on a journey from zero to hero in full stack development. You will learn to create complex production-ready Spring Boot and Angular web applications from scratch using JHipster, and you will go on to develop features and business logic and deploy it on cloud services. You will also learn about microservices and how to convert a monolithic application in the microservice architecture as it evolves using JHipster. Finally, you will deploy microservices to a cloud provider using Kubernetes. Additionally, you will learn how to make use of the React and Vue.js support in JHipster and about various best practices and suggestions from the JHipster community and the core development team.