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TYPO3 Extension Development

By : Dmitry Dulepov, Adrian Zimmerman
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TYPO3 Extension Development

By: Dmitry Dulepov, Adrian Zimmerman

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Adjusting Extensions

After generation, we will make adjustments to our generated extension according to our needs.

Clean Up

Firstly, if we are sure that we generated the extension correctly, we should go and remove two files named wizard_form.dat and wizard_form.html from the doc/ subdirectory. These files contain Kickstarter information. It is possible to use Kickstarter to reconfigure extension. However, any manual changes in files will be completely lost.

Changing Fields

The next thing to do is to change tca.php to remove limits from the integer fields. The following lines should be removed from both the generated tables in the hits column:

'range' => array (
'upper' => '1000',
'lower' => '10'

Next, we update the fe_user field in both the tables, first_page and last_page in the first table, sesstat_uid and page_uid in the second table and minitems should be set to 1.

Now, we need to optimize SQL fields. We do so by changing ext_tables.sql. We will change fe_user, first_page...