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TYPO3 Extension Development

By : Dmitry Dulepov, Adrian Zimmerman
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TYPO3 Extension Development

By: Dmitry Dulepov, Adrian Zimmerman

Overview of this book

Table of Contents (13 chapters)

Chapter 6. Programming Frontend Plugins

In this chapter, we will learn more about Frontend plugins and create our own plugin. We will learn best practices and certain tricks that come handy when creating really good plugins. We will also review and become familiar with eID—one of the most mysterious parts of TYPO3.

There will be a lot of code fragments in this chapter (but not complete files). In this book, these fragments are formatted for better presentation. The real code may be formatted differently. The reader is encouraged to get a copy of the code from Packt Publishing's website and look into the actual files while reading.

Some extra functionality is left for the reader to finish or implement better. Since we will only learn plugin coding, our purpose in this chapter is to show how to do it properly. Often nice features are simplified to give more space for implementation details.

Review and Update Generated Files

Kickstarer generated several Frontend plugin files for us and added several...