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Learning Drupal 6 Module Development

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Learning Drupal 6 Module Development

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Learning Drupal 6 Module Development
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The Content Creation Kit

In this chapter, we are creating our new content type by coding a module.

However, there is another way we could create a new content type. One of the most prolific Drupal add-on modules is the Content Creation Kit (CCK). CCK provides a visual interface for creating custom content types.


The future of CCK and Views

It is very likely that CCK will be incorporated into the core in Drupal 7. Why? Because it is a robust, well-written, useful module that is among the most frequently used, and it provides a set of features desirable in a CMS framework. A similarly popular module, the Views module, is also likely to be incorporated.

When creating a content type of moderate complexity, CCK is usually the right tool for the job. However, there are a few reasons why we will write a module instead of using CCK:

  1. 1. Writing a content type from scratch gives us more insight into internals, and provides the opportunity to examine several powerful APIs. By writing this low-level...