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Moodle Administration

By : Moodle Trust, Alex Büchner
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Moodle Administration

By: Moodle Trust, Alex Büchner

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Moodle Administration
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Chapter 14. Moodle Networking

Moodle provides a unique functionality that lets you network multiple Moodle sites. This is useful in a number of contexts, for example when you want to share resources across VLEs, partner with another organization, or have a multi-campus setup where each site has its own Moodle.

After providing an overview of Moodle networking, you will learn about the following topics:

  • Networking prerequisites and security

    You will learn which networking components are required and how security is guaranteed.

  • Peer-to-peer networks

    You will learn how to link two Moodle sites.

  • Community hubs

    You will learn how to connect multiple Moodle sites to a central hub.

  • Mahara integration

    You will learn how to set up Moodle with Mahara, a popular open-source e-portfolio system that makes use of the networking functionality.

MoodleDocs contains a very well-written wiki on Moodle networking at and this chapter follows the document in part.