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Moodle Administration

By : Moodle Trust, Alex Büchner
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Moodle Administration

By: Moodle Trust, Alex Büchner

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Moodle Administration
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Moodle Architecture

We will first look at the overall LAMP architecture on which Moodle is based, before we cover the internal components of the VLE layer.

The LAMP Architecture

Moodle is developed on the open-source LAMP framework consisting of Linux (operating system), Apache (web server), MySQL (database), and PHP (programming language). Due to the portability of these components and the modularity of Moodle itself (that's what the "M" stands for), it can support a wide range of operating systems, database systems, and web servers. A simple overview of the LAMP architecture can be shown as follows:

The lowest level is the Operating System. While Linux is the preferred platform, other UNIX derivatives such as Solaris and AIX are supported as well, along with Windows and Mac OS X. Certain libraries will have to be installed, a topic we covered in the previous chapter on installation.

PHP is the Programming Language in which Moodle is developed (accompanied by HTML and CSS files). It...