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Moodle Administration

By : Moodle Trust, Alex Büchner
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Moodle Administration

By: Moodle Trust, Alex Büchner

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Moodle Administration
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Localization is concerned with the adaptation of software so it can be used in different locales. A locale is linked to a region where certain cultural aspects apply such as language, formatting of dates and times, calendaric representation, and so on.

Since Moodle is used throughout the world and given the fact that many educational establishments spawn across continents, it is important that localization is fully supported. The key areas in which Moodle can be configured are language-related settings and calendaric information.


Moodle supports over 75 languages, including Latin! To represent the character sets of multiple languages, a standard called Unicode has been adopted. It covers most modern scripts used throughout the world. Moodle also fully supports right-to-left writing systems, such as Arabic:

Language Packs

Locales are characterized by standardized two-letter region code representing a language and optional letters. For example, pt represents Portuguese...