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WordPress 2.9 E-Commerce

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WordPress 2.9 E-Commerce

Overview of this book

WordPress is easily one of the hottest platforms for building blogs and general web sites. With the addition of the WP e-Commerce plug-in, it's also a competent platform for easily creating and running an online store, capable of selling physical items as well as services and digital downloads. WordPress with e-Commerce offers every feature that a seller and a customer may need. You can build an online store that makes it easier for the customers to find and buy products.WordPress 2.9 e-Commerce focuses on the integration of WordPress with the WordPress e-Commerce plug-in, covering all aspects of building and developing an online store from scratch.This book provides a simple, step-by-step approach to developing an effective online store. It guides you through your initial planning and first steps, plug-in installation and configuration, building your catalog of products to sell, accepting payments for your orders, and dealing with taxes and shipping. You will also learn how to promote and market your new store, handle customer accounts and staff roles, and deal with essential store security.As you work through each chapter, your online store will grow in scope and functionality. By the time you finish this book, you will have a complete and working store, ready to release your products to the world.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
WordPress 2.9 -Commerce
About the Author
About the Reviewers
Free Chapter
Getting Started with WordPress and e-Commerce
Getting Ready to Sell
Configure Your e-Commerce Settings
Managing Your Product Catalog
User Accounts: Customers and Staff
Checkout and Payment Setup
Shipping, Taxes, and Processing Orders
Setting Up a WAMP Testing Platform

DropShop and other modules

The Gold Cart comes with some impressive, and in some cases, necessary features. However, there are additional modules available that unlock features above and beyond those of the Gold Cart. If you want access to them, you must buy them individually.

Of the additional modules, the most notable (and expensive) is undoubtedly DropShop. When enabled, DropShop adds an elegant AJAX shopping cart to the footer of your WordPress shop. Customers can add items to the cart simply by dragging and dropping them there:

DropShop is certainly impressive, but so is the price, which is currently $100. You must already own the Gold Cart in order for DropShop to work.

Most of the other available modules serve a much more specific purpose, and all of them are comparatively less expensive. These additional modules include:

  • MP3 Audio Player— useful for a music store owner who wants to provide previews of audio files before purchase. The current price is $10.

  • Product Slider— adds a scrollable display unit for quickly browsing through a number of products. The current price is $25.

  • Members Only— useful if you want to charge for private access to posts, pages, galleries, podcasts, or forums. The current price is $25.

  • NextGEN Gallery 'Buy Now' Buttons— for use in conjunction with the NextGEN Gallery plugin (adds a 'Buy Now' button to each image in the gallery). The current price is $10.