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WordPress and Flash 10x Cookbook

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WordPress and Flash 10x Cookbook

Overview of this book

WordPress is much more than just a blogging platform now. This flexible CMS is the power behind millions of URLs, including blue-chip companies, small business, and personal websites. Flash is a world-famous multimedia platform. This book will show you the best of the proven and popular strategies and techniques to deliver rich multimedia content, which will let you sail through the world of Flashy Wordpress with ease.This book will take you through clear well-formed and comprehensive recipes, through the most essential and useful Flash multimedia tools for Wordpress available today including plugins for images, audio and video, as well as projects you can do yourself in Flash. It helps you to create a Wordpress website full of Flash content. We show the big picture by providing context, best practices and strategies. Detailed instructions are provided for each section. This book provides you with the shortlist of the most essential Flash tools for creating a dynamic and media-rich website or blog, and shows you how to implement these on your site. The sections on Flash are intended to give you the option to create custom .swf files, giving you an alternative to plugins that already exist. The book will show you how to configure Flash content in your WordPress site/blog for maximum SEO, introduce Flash content to your Wordpress with and without plugins, import image feeds, use lightbox effects, and much more.
Table of Contents (17 chapters)
Wordpress and Flash 10x Cookbook
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This book helps you create a contemporary, functional, and memorable site. Detailed instructions are provided for each section. We show the big picture by providing context, best practices, and strategies.

>Learn how to work with XHTML in WordPress, configure WordPress for maximum SEO, edit theme template files, and back up your site. Our crash course in theme customization provides you with an introduction to CSS, WordPress theme hierarchy, and template tags.

More than 7,000 plugins currently exist for WordPress. We provide you with a shortlist of essential tools for creating a dynamic and media-rich website or blog, and show you how to implement these tools on your site.

The sections on Flash are intended to give you the option to create custom .swf files, giving you an alternative to plugins that already exist.

What this book covers

Chapter 1 helps you develop a strategy to use Flash in your WordPress blog. Learn how to embed a .swf manually or by using a plugin.

Chapter 2 demonstrates how to set up and work with WordPress, including creating posts and pages, and editing .php theme templates. We offer strategies for configuring WordPress and ways to extend the admin tools via plugins. By the end of the chapter, the user will be able to effectively use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) and in conjunction with Flash.

Chapter 3 shows you ways to share individual images and collections of images as thumbnails, galleries, and slideshows—using WordPress or working in Flash.

Chapter 4 shows you how to use video plugins, including video players, embed .flv and .swf files, and video blogging. Encoding through the use of the Flash Media Encoder for reduced file sizes and creation of .flv files is covered along with using Flash's default skinning options and editable video components.

Chapter 5 shows you how to work with audio in WordPress and in Flash. Topics covered include using a Flash audio player and creating a podcast as well as how to design your own unique audio player in Flash.

Chapter 6 explores a broad range of applications including unique ways to display your tags, how to use fonts outside of the limited set of web-only fonts, quote rotators, ad management, scrolling RSS feed displays, and more.

Chapter 7 presents an in-depth look at each of the three elements that WordPress themes are made up of: CSS stylesheets, template files, and template tags. We then apply this knowledge by customizing the default Kubrik theme.

Chapter 8 covers creating your own Flash animations for your blog. The focus here is on animating in the Flash timeline and helping you with the fundamentals of Flash animation.

Appendix A covers WordPress resources.

Appendix B covers Flash resources.

Appendix C covers shortcut keys.

Appendix D gives you a few tips on site planning.

What you need for this book

You will need a working installation of WordPress 2.8.6 or later and Flash.

Who is this book for

This book is for WordPress users interested in learning how to create a unique and media-rich site using plugins and Flash. Strategies and techniques presented are appropriate for both personal and business blogs. The intended audience has intermediate technology skills, such as a working knowledge of XHTML, CSS, and graphic design. Some familiarity with WordPress is required, as we do not address the basic mechanics of using WordPress. Previous experience with Flash is helpful but not required.

The book is written with the following users in mind:

  • New or experienced bloggers: Get started with WordPress then take your site to the next level with plugins, theme customization, and animations.

  • Individuals and small businesses: We help you use WordPress for more than blogging as a Search Engine Optimized and a fully customizable CMS.

  • Site administrators: People responsible for managing content in WordPress for a company or organization will find useful tips to distinguish and add finesse to your site.

  • Website developers: People who are new to WordPress or designers who want to create innovative WordPress sites for their clients.

  • Multimedia blogs: How to use WordPress to share multimedia content (images, audio, video, animations, video blogging, and podcasting).

  • Flash users: Those new to WordPress will learn about the many ways Flash and WordPress can work together.


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