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Apache Roller 4.0 - Beginner's Guide

By : Alfonso V. Romero, Brian Fitzpatrick, Alfonso Vidal Romero
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Apache Roller 4.0 - Beginner's Guide

By: Alfonso V. Romero, Brian Fitzpatrick, Alfonso Vidal Romero

Overview of this book

Apache Roller enables you to build a fully-featured, multi-user blog server apt for all kinds of blogging sites. It is an ideal tool to create your own blogging network with unlimited users and blogs, forums, photo galleries, and more! While it is exciting to have a list of interesting features it can offer you, it might be a little difficult to get started with it by your self. This book will teach you how to get started with Apache Roller and make the most of all its features using step-by-step, detailed instructions. You will learn how to establish your internet presence with an Apache Roller blog and use the latest web tools to enhance your posts and attract visitors. You will also learn how to promote your blog on popular social bookmarking services and customize it to suit your need. This hands-on and practical book introduces you to Apache Roller. Starting off with the configuration and installation of your own blog, you'll then quickly learn how to add interesting content to your blog with the help of plenty of examples. You'll also learn how to change your blog's visual appearance with the help of Roller themes and templates and how to create a community of blogs for you and your colleagues or friends in your Apache Roller blog server. The book also looks at ways you can manage your community, and keep your site safe and secure, ensuring that it is a spam-free, enjoyable community for your users.
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Apache Roller 4.0
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Who's using Apache Roller

I must say that one of the main reasons I decided to write a book about Apache Roller is the fact that the Apache Software Foundation converted Roller into an official Apache project in March 2007. Along with that, Roller is used by companies such as Sun, IBM, the N.C. State University, and the JRoller Java blogging community. Those facts definitely show that Roller is one of the best open source blogging solutions for personal use, and also for small or big communities, undoubtedly. In the next subsection, we'll see several examples of blogs and blog communities that use Apache Roller.

This site hosts the Roller project announcements blog; it also hosts Dave Johnson's personal weblog. Dave is the original creator of Roller. If you go to, you will see the latest news about Apache Roller development:

From here, you can follow the links to the website, where you can download Apache Roller. There's also a link to Dave Johnson's personal weblog, and several links to the downloads, the Roller Wiki, the mailing lists, and an issue tracker for developers.

The site hosts several thousand blogs for Sun employees. In this site, you'll find everything about Sun and its employees, what projects are they working on, a video blog from Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, Inc., and a lot of Java talk. You can even leave comments on some of the blogs. Imagine talking directly to the CEO of one of the most important companies in the computing industry! Who knows, maybe he could get you an exciting job!

This is the U.S. government blog site ( The bloggers are federal employees who work in the Office of Citizen Services and Communications at the U.S. General Services Administration. Here, you'll find useful information about services provided by the government of the United States.

IBM developerWorks blogs

In this site (, you'll find a lot of resources for software developers and IT professionals. You can also create an account and get involved in the community, sharing your IT knowledge. This would be a perfect place to create the next killer application, don't you think?

JRoller community

JRoller ( is a community of webloggers who share their knowledge and expertise about Java-related technologies. If you're into Java programming, this is a good resource to learn all you can!