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Alfresco 3 Records Management

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Alfresco 3 Records Management

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The Alfresco Records Management feature set is so complete that it is one of the very limited number of systems, and the only Open Source solution, that has been fully certified for Records Management use by the US Department of Defense. Record keeping is important because accurate records are really the only way that organizations can demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements. The amount of regulation that organizations must comply with has gone up dramatically over the last decade, and the complexity of record management has increased proportionally.Alfresco 3 Records Management is a complete guide for setting up records programs within organizations. The book is the first and only one that describes Alfresco's implementation of Records Management. It not only teaches the technology for implementing Records Management, but also discusses the important roles that both processes and people play in the building of a successful records program.Alfresco 3 Records Management starts with a description of the importance of record keeping, especially from a regulatory compliance perspective. It then discusses Records Management best practices and standards, and goes on to describe step by step how to identify documents that need to be managed as records, how to use Alfresco Records Management software to set up the File Plan structure for organizing the storage of records, and then how to manage the lifecycle of the records.The book provides detailed instructions for installing and configuring Alfresco Records Management. The topics covered include setting up a record File Plan, filing records, establishing record retention schedules, setting up security and permissions, assigning metadata, extending the content model, using advanced search techniques, and creating system activity audit reports. The book also provides "deep-dive" information from a developer's perspective about how the Records Management module was implemented within the Alfresco Share platform.Alfresco 3 Records Management covers features available in both the Community and Enterprise versions of Alfresco software. By the end of this book, you will be able to successfully develop a records policy and implement it within Alfresco Records Management.
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Alfresco 3 Records Management
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In this chapter, we learned how to install Alfresco Records Management software. We covered the following topics:

  • How to install the base Alfresco software and the Records Management modules

  • How to add the Records Management console dashlet to the dashboard

  • How to create the Records Management site

  • How to create a Records Manager administrator

At the end of the chapter, in a 'How does it work?' section, we looked in detail at how the Records Management console dashlet in the Alfresco Share dashboard is constructed. In particular, we covered:

  • The MVC design pattern as used by the Spring Surf web framework within Alfresco Share

  • How Alfresco webscripts work

  • How the Records Management dashlet works

  • How the Records Management site is created internally

With Alfresco Records Management software now up and running, in the next chapter, we will begin looking at how to effectively configure Alfresco software to match our Records Management Program's requirements.