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Learning Adobe Muse

By : Jennifer Farley
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Learning Adobe Muse

By: Jennifer Farley

Overview of this book

Adobe Muse is an exciting new tool from the world's foremost design software company which allows users to create beautiful and fully functioning websites without writing any code. It provides graphic designers the power to use their print design skills over the Web. This book will help web designers as well as graphic designers to master Adobe Muse quickly. It will provide step-by-step instructions that guide you through building a website with Adobe Muse."Learning Adobe Muse" will teach you how to plan, design and publish websites using Adobe Muse. It starts by covering the tools and interface of the program and moves on to the concepts you'll need to understand for laying out your web pages. You'll learn how to format text using reusable styles, add images, create a clean navigation system, and add interactive elements such as panels and slideshows to your pages and all this without writing a single line of code!By the end of the book you will have created a smartlydesigned, fully-functioning website.
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Learning Adobe Muse
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Previewing pages

Adobe Muse uses WebKit as its rendering engine for Previews. WebKit is an open source layout engine, which was created to allow web browsers to render web pages. It powers the Apple Safari and Google Chrome browsers. It is also used as the basis for the experimental browser included with the Amazon Kindle eBook reader, as well as the default browser in the iOS, Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and webOS mobile operating systems.

This means that when you preview your page or your site from within Muse, you'll get a pretty good idea of how it will look on all the browsers mentioned previously.

Completing the site

To complete the site we have built so far, add text to the Home and Sails page, which is provided as .txt files. Add a fictional address and e-mail link to the Contact page.

The completed windsurfing site is also provided as Windsurf-CompleteSite.muse, as shown in the following screenshot:

Preview a page in Muse

You've done this many times now if you've been following along...