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TextMate How-To

By : Chris Mears, Christopher J Mears
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TextMate How-To

By: Chris Mears, Christopher J Mears

Overview of this book

Not all text editors are created equal. TextMate was created with versatility and power to the developer. Whether you want to organize your files in projects, utilize the efficiency of code completion, take advantage of the thousands of publicly available bundles, or gain insight using powerful regular expression searching, TextMate is an essential and easy-to-use tool you need in your development arsenal. "TextMate How-To" is a practical guide filled with conventional recipes on using one of the most popular text editors on the OS X platform. It is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to code more efficiently and effectively, no matter what programming or scripting language you use. This book will guide the reader through using TextMate for practical purposes. It will start with configuring the application, then cover navigation and editing of files, and finish with bundles and advanced features. Throughout the book, the reader will quickly master the key features of the application through easy to follow tasks. Using this book, the reader will learn the most common text editing and coding tasks including navigation through the document and searching of text. The reader will then learn about working with and navigating between files and projects as well as utilizing bundles to greatly speed up development. Finally, explore the ability to use shell commands and macros to increase productivity. With just a few hours, "TextMate How-To" will teach the reader everything necessary to hit the ground running with this powerful text editor.
Table of Contents (7 chapters)

About the Reviewers

Shifra Pride Raffel is a Java developer in the Bay Area. She has been developing software for 14 years, has worked as an Agile software development process consultant for Pivotal Labs, and currently works for MSCI in Berkeley (her technical reviewing of this book reflected only her opinion and not that of MSCI).

Simone Silvestroni is a multidisciplinary designer and developer, working in web UI for 12 years Milan and London.

Starting as a print designer and desktop publisher in 1993, he crossed through different creative and technical fields web design and coding. His key skill is turning raw sketched ideas into live interfaces, studying and modifying them through user tests always keeping a eye on accessibility and typography.

Simone is also a graduated musician, a sound designer and a bassist.

He worked for the biggest publishing company in Italy (RCS) for years, joined a startup in ebruary 2000, bec a team leader sound and web design until the end of 2004, working the prototype for a Playtation 2 platform game.

He co-founded his own company in 2004 and co-rn it until the end of 2007, when he joined a full-service web agency le the user xperience team for four years. After relocating to London, UK, he joined a online gaming company, eventually co-founding his new startup, UI Farm Ltd, a small UI and UX agency focused on responsive design and riding the incoming mobile wave.