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Mastering Sublime Text

By : Dan Peleg
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Mastering Sublime Text

By: Dan Peleg

Overview of this book

Sublime is the leading platform for developing websites, applications, and software. Sublime Text is a sophisticated, cross-platform text and source code editor. It supports a number of different programming languages and is extremely efficient and feature rich. With Sublime Text, programmers can develop their web applications faster and with more efficiency. This book will put you at the frontier of modern software development. It will teach you how to leverage Sublime for anything from mobile games to missile protection. Above all, this book will help you harness the power of other Sublime users and always stay on top. This book will show you how to get started, from basic installation through lightning fast code navigation and up to the development of your own plugins. It takes you from the early stages of navigating through the platform and moves on by teaching you how to fully customize your platform, test, debug, and eventually create and share your own plugins to help and lead this community forward. The book will then teach you how to efficiently edit text, primarily by using the keyboard. You will learn how to interact with the Sublime Text community using the mailing lists and IRC.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Mastering Sublime Text
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Linting with SublimeLinter

Linting is a term for flagging suspicious and non-portable constructs, likely to be bugs in any written language. SublimeLinter is a plugin that supports linting and has the following linters built in:

  • C/C++: This lints via cppcheck

  • CoffeeScript: This lints via coffee –s –l

  • CSS: This lints via built-in csslint

  • Haml: This checks syntax via haml –c

  • HTML: This lints via tidy

  • Java: This lints via javac –Xlint

  • JavaScript: This lints via built in jshint, jslint, or gjslint (if installed)

  • Lua: This checks syntax via luac

  • Objective-J: This lints via built in capp_lint

  • Perl: This lints via Perl::Critic or syntax and deprecation check via perl-c

  • PHP: This checks syntax via php –l

  • Puppet: This checks syntax via puppet parser validate

  • Python: This is a native, moderately-complete lint

  • Ruby: This checks syntax via ruby –wc

  • XML: This lints via xmllint

Installing SublimeLinter

We can install this plugin by using the Package Control that we installed earlier. Let's...