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50 Shades of UX Design [Video]

By : Jonah McLachlan
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50 Shades of UX Design [Video]

By: Jonah McLachlan

Overview of this book

Whether your background is in development or design, you will often hear phrases such as 'Oh, this software is easy, the users will have no problem with it, or can you just add some UX to it'. As digital creators; How do we navigate through the often subjective and conflicting input from various stakeholders, into our design work? How can we be certain that our design will be successful with the user? How can you create a good design? This course will immerse you in five core aspects of user experience. You will look at how to understand users better, so you can create better experiences for them. We will get practical, looking at specific tools and methods, as we consider how to collaborate more constructively with others in our organizations. Our conversational style of teaching will help you pick up the basics quickly, without getting bogged down in the theory. The course also offers total flexibility so that, if you want to investigate a particular topic, you can jump straight in at your own pace. By the end of the course, you will be able to decode UX designs and understand what actually excites your customers and what doesn't.
Table of Contents (8 chapters)
Chapter 8
Applying UX, Working with Others, and Improving Your Portfolio
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Section 4
Lean UX, a Return to Process
When working on your projects, it is important to do them well, and get the problem solved first time. By changing process, you can quickly get the answer right, save money and be more efficient. Lean UX is an excellent methodology to consider for your projects.