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Jira 8 Recipes [Video]

By : Afsana Atar
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Jira 8 Recipes [Video]

By: Afsana Atar

Overview of this book

Jira is an issue and project-tracking application, and one of the most popular software development tools utilized by Agile teams. Jira 8 comes with performance improvements to meet the demands of ever-growing enterprise teams. This one-stop resource will get you started creating (and working with) Jira plugins and customizations. We will be using Jira 8 throughout this tutorial. You’ll begin your journey by learning to develop and deploy plugins and then modify them to suit your needs. You will learn to customize the look and feel of your Jira UI, and then perform a detailed configuration of Jira Issues for administrators. Then you’ll learn to create and manage custom fields in JIRA efficiently, and operate with workflows by learning to manipulate them programmatically. Finally, we cover how to build useful gadgets and prepare reports. By the end, you will have built a solid foundation in Jira and will be equipped to use it efficiently to improve your team’s productivity. The code files ad all related files are place don GitHub at
Table of Contents (6 chapters)
Chapter 6
Gadgets and Reporting in JIRA
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Section 6
Internationalization in Gadgets
Understand the functionality of internationalization and localization in JIRA gadgets, and learn to enable custom gadgets to leverage the flexibility to change its content according to the user?s language preferences.