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Mastering DevOps [Video]

By : Dave Mangot
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Mastering DevOps [Video]

By: Dave Mangot

Overview of this book

This video course covers the theory behind and hands-on application of concepts needed to maximize the throughput of your organization. The course introduces key introductory areas as well as using tools to leverage DevOps solutions for common problems. The course maintains a deeper insight of applying DevOps with a variety of tools such as Puppet, Vagrant, and Graphite. You will learn how to automate and build configuration for their infrastructure servers and then would address advanced areas of automation, continuous deployment, log management, and monitoring. Create impressive changes to how you deliver software and services. This course will help all those using a DevOps environment, (or the single team) who are responsible for delivering both new features and stability. Such teams will work closely with developers ensuring a shared code base which is no longer just dev territory, but most importantly they are also responsible for continuous delivery, automated deploys and infrastructure and configuration management. With the help of this course, such teams no longer need to rely or wait for the other teams to solve a problem and fixes can be made quickly, all by learning the perfect way to succeed with DevOps.
Table of Contents (8 chapters)
Chapter 6
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Section 2
A Tour of Graphite
Graphite is one of the most popular open metrics tools available. We’ll set up our very first Graphite server, examine the components, and look at some of the ways we can use it to really understand our data. - Know what Synthesize is - Take a look at Graphite listeners - Take a look at data storage for Graphite - Check out what we can use for troubleshooting - Look at the UI for Graphite