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CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification Training Course [Video]

By : Learnkart Technology Private Limited
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CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification Training Course [Video]

By: Learnkart Technology Private Limited

Overview of this book

This CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification Training Course will help you learn server automation, continuous integration, build pipelines and configuration tools, automated testing and code quality improvement, and distributed systems in Jenkins through intensive, hands-on practice assignments. You will start with the very basis of DevOps and the need for it. You will learn about continuous integration and continuous delivery and the need for them. Learn and understand the Jenkins use cases, features, capabilities, architecture, and terminology of Jenkins. Moving further, you will also see how to install Jenkins on Linux and Windows. Along the course, you will learn about Maven, how to set up Maven with Jenkins, and explain parameterized build and distributed build. You will also learn Jenkinsfile, Jenkins CLI, features of Jenkins X, and how it works. You will explore how to access the Jenkins application using VM Public DNS and learn to demonstrate how to create CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins and Docker. By the end of this course, you will have understood Jenkins’s best practices, and how to create Jenkins Job using Backup Plugin. All resources and code file are placed here:
Table of Contents (11 chapters)
Chapter 7
Jenkins with Docker
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Section 14
Demo - Create CI/CD Pipeline Using Jenkins
This video demonstrates creating CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins.