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Azure DevOps and Continuous Delivery with Git [Video]

By : Trevoir Williams
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Azure DevOps and Continuous Delivery with Git [Video]

3.5 (2)
By: Trevoir Williams

Overview of this book

Welcome to this extensive course designed for professionals seeking proficiency in Azure DevOps. It begins with foundational project management methodologies, contrasting Waterfall and Agile, and discussing the integration of Agile with DevOps. The course then transitions into practical applications, guiding users through setting up an Azure DevOps Project Space, managing organizations, projects, and teams. As the course progresses, you'll dive deep into Azure DevOps Boards, learning about work item management, sprint planning, and board customization. The course meticulously covers Azure Repos, offering insights into source control management and Git operations. This is followed by a detailed exploration of Git branching and merging techniques. The later sections are dedicated to Azure DevOps Pipelines, where you learn to create and manage build and release pipelines, and Azure DevOps Release Pipelines, focusing on automated and multi-stage deployments. The course also touches upon Azure Test Plans and Artifact Management, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the entire Azure DevOps suite. Throughout your journey, you will gain hands-on experience with continuous integration and deployment, enhancing your skills in modern DevOps practices and tools.
Table of Contents (10 chapters)
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Azure Test Plans and Artifact Management
Chapter 4
Azure DevOps Boards
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Section 5
Using Queries and Dashboards
Learn the process of leveraging queries and dashboards for project tracking.