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Automation Solutions with Chef Automate [Video]

By : Mamta Jha
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Automation Solutions with Chef Automate [Video]

By: Mamta Jha

Overview of this book

We live in a world of heterogeneous applications and managing them can be quite daunting. Creating, maintaining, and upgrading a scalable infrastructure requires significant effort and resources. Time spent on repetitive daily tasks can consume a big chunk of an IT/system engineer's bandwidth, and using automation tools to manage infrastructure can drastically improve efficiency and free up your time. Chef aims to solve automation across the enterprise, and across functional roles, to provide an environment where we can build, deploy, and manage any software, anywhere. In this course, you will learn to integrate Chef Automate with Chef InSpec and Habitat. This course demonstrates production-grade scenarios for configuring and managing infrastructure and applications. You'll gain proficiency in building, deploying, and managing any application in any environment with Chef Habitat. We cover all key aspects of infrastructure automation, from application lifecycle management to security, compliance, and modernizing legacy applications without replacing them. By the end of this course, you will be able to automate your IT infrastructure and solve everyday problems with Chef. Code files for this course are available here:
Table of Contents (7 chapters)
Chapter 2
Cookbook Development
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Section 5
Creating Cookbook to Create and Configure Docker Container
Use Chef Configuration module to Create and configure Docker Host.