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Streaming Big Data with Spark Streaming, Scala, and Spark 3! [Video]

By : Frank Kane
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Streaming Big Data with Spark Streaming, Scala, and Spark 3! [Video]

By: Frank Kane

Overview of this book

In this course, you will learn the basics of the Scala programming language; learn how Apache Spark operates on a cluster; set up discretized streams with Spark Streaming and transform them as data is received; analyze streaming data over sliding windows of time; maintain stateful information across streams of data; connect Spark Streaming with highly scalable sources of data, including Kafka, Flume, and Kinesis; dump streams of data in real-time to NoSQL databases such as Cassandra; run SQL queries on streamed data in real-time; train machine learning models in real-time with streaming data, and use them to make predictions that keep getting better over time; and also, package, deploy, and run self-contained Spark Streaming code to a real Hadoop cluster using Amazon Elastic MapReduce. This course is very hands-on, filled with achievable activities and exercises to reinforce your learning. By the end of this course, you will be confidently creating Spark Streaming scripts in Scala and be prepared to tackle massive streams of data in a whole new way. You will be surprised at how easy Spark Streaming makes it! All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at
Table of Contents (9 chapters)
You Made It!
Chapter 6
Integrating with Other Systems
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Section 2
Integrating with Apache Flume
Flume is a popular technology for publishing log information at large scale, especially on a Hadoop cluster. We will illustrate how to set up both push-based and pull-based Flume configurations with Spark Streaming and discuss the tradeoffs of each.