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A 17 Hour C# Course with Intro to SQL and C# 7.0 [Video]

By : Tom Owsiak
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A 17 Hour C# Course with Intro to SQL and C# 7.0 [Video]

By: Tom Owsiak

Overview of this book

This comprehensive C# course is designed for beginner programmers, as you won't be rushing through code. It focuses on the C# language rather than the graphical aspects of Windows programming. You will also learn HTML, basic CSS and how to use a variety of controls like buttons, text boxes, drop downs lists and others. You'll learn in a detailed and deliberate way so you can set a foundation and move from basic to more advanced concepts easily. In addition to learning C#, you'll also cover the Microsoft Visual Studio programming environment, which will serve as the perfect complement to your newfound C# skills. To work with code in a more advanced way, you'll tackle how to check simple conditions using if/else blocks, as well as how to use loops to do things like repeat blocks of code to work more efficiently. After covering various operators to evaluate and assign control structures, you'll learn how to use arrays to store collections of data. Moving on to Object Oriented Programming, you'll create objects that contain both data and functions to make your job even easier.Throughout this course, you'll learn the core concepts of C#, which can then be applied directly to other popular programming languages, including C++, C, Java, and JavaScript.To put what you're learning to the test as you move through the course, you'll also complete a variety of programming assignments for hands-on practice.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
Chapter 9
Working with SQL Server 2014
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Section 5
Connecting a Chart Control to SQL Server
Now you will see that it's possible to configure ASP.NET controls directly through code using simple data readers. We will drag and drop a chart control into a page and use of a data reader to set values and finally use decimal data type in SQL Server.