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Qlik Sense - Advanced [Video]

By : Simon Sez IT
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Qlik Sense - Advanced [Video]

By: Simon Sez IT

Overview of this book

Embark on an enlightening journey with our course on the advanced concepts of Qlik Sense. As you progress through the course, you will delve into variables, discovering their types and versatile applications in data manipulation and analysis. Dynamic data loading becomes a breeze as you explore both basic and advanced techniques to integrate external data sources seamlessly. Structuring your scripts with script files and sub-routines becomes second nature, enhancing your code organization and efficiency. Advanced scripting functions equip you with the tools to perform complex operations, and you will step up your visualization game by creating captivating, informative visualizations. Alternate states open doors to multi-faceted data exploration, and the art of customizing dashboards using CSS brings your creativity to the forefront. Dive into spatial data analytics and geo-analytics for location-based insights that drive decision-making. The course wraps up with hands-on exercises, cementing your skills and knowledge. By the end of the course, you will possess the prowess to navigate Qlik Sense with confidence, creating impactful data-driven solutions that make you an expert in Qlik Sense.
Table of Contents (3 chapters)
Chapter 1
Advanced Scripting and Functions
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Section 4
Dynamic Loading Part 1
In this first part of the video, you will learn to load multiple files into a folder using the data load script.