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Arduino For Beginners - 2023 Complete Course [Video]

By : Edouard Renard
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Arduino For Beginners - 2023 Complete Course [Video]

By: Edouard Renard

Overview of this book

This course helps you start from scratch and get the necessary foundation you need to learn—through practice and hands-on lessons—the complete process to create Arduino projects. The course is divided into four main parts: First, you will set up the Arduino IDE (or the free online simulator), create your own circuit, learn the Arduino programming fundamentals, and understand and work with digital/analog pins to control Land EDs, push buttons, and potentiometers. After this “basic Arduino foundation” package, it’s time to get to know new Arduino functionalities to go further with your projects: time, multitasking, debounce, interrupts Serial, and EEPROM. Now, you will be more confident to create any Arduino program or project. Here, you will work with new hardware components such as an ultrasonic sensor, LCD display screen, infrared remote controller, and photoresistor. To finish, a big final project: an interactive obstacle detection application. You will get a nice challenge to create a real and useful Arduino project, which you can reuse and modify for your own purpose. By the end of this complete course, you will have a strong Arduino foundation and you will be able to start any custom Arduino project that you want.
Table of Contents (20 chapters)
Chapter 19
Final Project – Interactive Obstacle Detection
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Section 14
Project Conclusion - Going Further
This video explains the project conclusion—going further.