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Crazy about Arduino: Your End-to-End Workshop - Level 3 [Video]

By : Idan Gabrieli
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Crazy about Arduino: Your End-to-End Workshop - Level 3 [Video]

By: Idan Gabrieli

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The best way to find out whether this course is really for you is by asking yourself a few basic questions: • Do you like building things yourself? • Are you looking for ways to easily combine software and hardware components? • Did you ever wonder how electronic devices really work? • Do you have a creative idea and are just looking for ways to easily prototype it? If your answer to most of the questions above is "Yes," then you're in the right place. The Arduino is probably one of the most amazing developments and prototyping platforms today with endless possibilities for Do-It-Yourself hobbyists looking for ways to express their creativity and technical capabilities. This course is LEVEL 3 and is part of a larger comprehensive training program divided into levels that are all about the Arduino and its surrounding ecosystem. Each course covers a specific group of subjects to lets you develop and grow your skills step-by-step while enjoying the journey. Join us and learn to build a complete data-logger solution including a web server and a database to store and analyze the collected data. All the code and supporting files for this course are available at -
Table of Contents (8 chapters)
Chapter 6
Step 5 - PHP - Running Scripts at the Server
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Section 6
Insert Data
Building the needed scripts for inserting data into the database.