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Building Mobile Apps with Ionic 4 [Video]

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Building Mobile Apps with Ionic 4 [Video]

Overview of this video

Ionic 4 marks the first version of the framework to completely embrace modern web APIs such as custom elements, CSS variables, and Shadow DOM. This course shows you how to get started with Ionic 4. You will use UI components that come with Ionic and are available for use in your apps, right out-of-the-box. You'll connect your Ionic app with a NoSQL database such as Firebase to enable your app to use all the amazing Firebase features such as Firebase Auth and Cloud Firestore. You will work on the ToDo APP project, a Task Manager app using Ionic. By the end of the course, you'll have used Ionic 4 to build and prepared a cross-platform app for release into Google Play Store and App Store. So are you excited to build your first app with Ionic 4? Let's get started. All the code files for this course are available on Github at - https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Building-Mobile-Apps-with-Ionic-4-
Chapter 1
Introduction to Ionic
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[Silence]Hello and welcome to Building MobileApps with Ionic 4 and Firebase. In thiscourse, you'll learn how you can buildmobile applications for Android and iOSusing the Ionic framework. In this courseyou'll be learning the latest version ofthe Ionic framework version 4.I am Samarth Agarwal, and I'll be yourinstructor for this course. I have beenworking in the field of applicationdevelopment for more than five years now,and I have been working with Ionicframework and building applicationsusing the framework since day one. Thistraining program comprises of fivedifferent sections. In section 1, you willget introduced to the Ionic framework.In section 2 you'll learn how you canuse the built-in components of the Ionicframework to build amazing userinterfaces.Section three will teach you aboutFirebase and using Firebase with theIonic framework.In Section four, you'll startworking on a project called to do app, whichis a simple task management application.And in Section five we'll prepare theapplication and publish it on the GooglePlay Store.[Silence]To take this course you need to havesome basic understanding of howprogramming works, and the basics of HTML,CSS and JavaScript will really help youout throughout the course. Other thanthat all you need is a computer with aninternet connection and you are good togo.At the end of this training program youwill be able to use Ionic frameworkversion 4 with Firebase to build yourown applications that you can launch inthe Google Play Store. So what are wewaiting for, let's get started.
Section 1
The Course Overview
This video will give you an overview about the course.

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