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Mastering Entity Framework Core - Mapping, Querying and Manipulating Data [Video]

By : Sergey Barskiy
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Mastering Entity Framework Core - Mapping, Querying and Manipulating Data [Video]

By: Sergey Barskiy

Overview of this book

Entity framework is an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework that offers an automated mechanism to developers for storing and accessing the data in the database. In order to survive in this growing market, the knowledge of a framework that helps provide easy access to databases, that is, Entity Framework has become a necessity. This Video will provide .NET developers with this knowledge and guide them through working efficiently with data using Entity Framework Core.You will start by understanding ORM concepts, before then moving on to discuss advantages of Entity Framework over ADO.NET. Next you will see how.NET Core fits into the overall pictures and go over the environment necessary to follow along with the course. Further you will learn to build your first sample project to see EF in action here you will learn to create database and add data to it. Further you will learn about Mapping Entities and Database structure here you will see how to create mapping between objects and database structures, how to define tables and columns. You will learn the specifics or SQL Server types and how to map them to .NET Types. You will define all possible types of relationships for your database model. Next you will dive into Querying data you will learn the basics of Linq then you will start with simple queries, advance to aggregations and projection techniques. You will see how to obtain object graphs and talk about performance. Next you will learn Manipulating data, you will learn how to create, read, update and delete data, commonly referred to as CRUD operations. You will see the differences between object graphs and individual objects when it comes to CRUD features of Entity Framework Core. Finally you will learn best practices examples.
Table of Contents (5 chapters)
Chapter 1
Getting to Know Entity Framework Core
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Section 3
Understanding Entity Framework Core Concepts
We need to know what problems the EF core solves and how it makes developers lives easier. - EF Core is ORM tools, exposing RDBMS data as native .NET objects - EF core allows developers to build a model using classes that represent the database and its data - EF core exists to allow us to query and manipulate data in the database using C# or VB.NET