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Real World Projects in Python 3.x [Video]

By : Matthew Macarty
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Real World Projects in Python 3.x [Video]

By: Matthew Macarty

Overview of this book

This course covers the essential concepts in Python 3 and shows you how to implement them in various applications. You’ll learn about Python 3.x's new features and develop the skills required to build robust, easily scalable, and maintainable code in Python. Throughout this course, you will be building multiple applications, ranging from simpler ones to more complex ones. Learning by doing has its advantages as you will immediately see concepts explained in action. You will learn how to build scalable, resilient, and effective applications as real-world Python 3.x projects that suit your software requirements and also further your understanding of the Python programming language. By the end of the course, you will enhance your basic programming skills, taking them to another level, and easily build any Python 3.x projects you need . The GitHub link to the course is here:
Table of Contents (4 chapters)
Chapter 1
Building a Stock Portfolio Price Tracker
Section 1
The Course Overview
This video will give you an overview about the course.