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Practical C++: Learn C++ Basics Step by Step [Video]

By : Edouard Renard
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Practical C++: Learn C++ Basics Step by Step [Video]

By: Edouard Renard

Overview of this book

This course offers a comprehensive approach to learning C++, a language often considered difficult to master but with many advantages over other “less powerful” programming languages such as Python or JavaScript. The course is divided into four distinct levels, each containing an introduction video, hands-on lessons, and exercises to practice key concepts. Level 1 covers basic programming concepts such as variables, arrays, vectors, and user input. Level 2 focuses on functions, scope, comments, and namespaces, while Level 3 delves into conditions (if statements) and for and while loops. Level 4 builds on these concepts, introducing references, prototypes, and the compilation from the terminal. Additionally, the course includes an extra bonus section on Object-Oriented Programming, a skill that is increasingly in demand in the industry. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of how to organize your C++ code with .hpp and .cpp files, as well as the ability to write object-oriented code with C++.
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What to Do Next
This video explains what to do next once this course is completed.