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REST Assured Fundamentals [Video]

By : James Willett Ltd.
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REST Assured Fundamentals [Video]

By: James Willett Ltd.

Overview of this book

Join our comprehensive REST Assured course, a guided journey into the essentials of REST API testing. Begin with software setup and real-world applications such as the Video Game Database and Football Data API. Create an IntelliJ project, install REST Assured, and dive into practical exercises. Learn REST Assured fundamentals, from base class setup to request and response specifications, and configuring files. The course covers object serialization, validation against XML and JSON schemas, and response time measurement. Delve into GPath for JSON, starting with basic find operations. Additionally, you will become skilled at extracting data from responses, including headers and explicit data using JSON path. Explore advanced features such as ‘findAll’ for extracting multiple data points, and apply functions such as ‘Min’, ‘Max’, ‘Collect’, and ‘Sum’. Combine finds with parameters for precision. For XML data, master GPath mirroring, including attributes, node extraction, depth-first searches, and node filtering based on conditions. By the end of the course, you will possess a profound understanding of REST Assured and its advanced capabilities.
Table of Contents (8 chapters)
Chapter 3
REST Assured - Different Request Types
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Section 7
Create Config File for Football API
In this video, we will guide you through the process of creating a configuration file specifically tailored for the Football API. This configuration file will help set up the necessary settings and endpoints for our API testing using REST Assured.