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Oracle Coherence Quickstart [Video]

By : Ahmet Fuat Sungur
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Oracle Coherence Quickstart [Video]

By: Ahmet Fuat Sungur

Overview of this book

Build dynamic next-generation applications using the market leading in-memory datagrid About This Video • Step-by-step, and easy to follow instructions to leverage Coherence and provide real-time updates to client applications • Detailed demonstrations with suggested best practices to build scalable websites and Enterprise applications using a tried and tested data grid product • Structured examples and projects, with hands-on exercises and guidance In Detail Oracle Coherence is an in-memory distributed data grid solution for clustered applications and application servers. It enables you to build more reliable and scalable data driven applications, by removing any single points of failure and database server access bottlenecks. This course explores how you can build memory data grid applications with quick and easy steps in just a few minutes. These step-by-step videos will allow you to watch and learn just how simple it is to scale mission-critical applications and provide fast and reliable access to frequently used data. This course covers everything that you’ll need to know to develop, manage, deploy, and monitor Coherence applications with ease. Beginning with installation and application development in Eclipse, we'll then go over topics such as cache functions for your servers, using Coherence facets, and monitoring applications with JMX. We'll also discuss different cache topologies and what sets them apart. We'll then wrap up with an overview of the Coherence API’s extensive features, as well as using the Coherence*Extend client.
Table of Contents (4 chapters)
Chapter 1
Installing, Configuring, and Starting Oracle Coherence
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Section 3
Accessing a Data Grid from the Coherence Console
Quickly access the Coherence data grid without any IDE. - Start the interactive Coherence console - Perform some basic operations on Coherence