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Practical Pentesting [Video]

By : ACI Learning, Daniel Lowrie, Brad Stine
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Practical Pentesting [Video]

By: ACI Learning, Daniel Lowrie, Brad Stine

Overview of this book

The course begins by introducing the fundamentals of penetration testing, distinguishing the roles of pentesters – the good, the essential, and the challenges they face. It lays the groundwork with pre-engagement essentials, including data security agreements and crafting a detailed Statement of Work (SOW), ensuring clarity and legal safeguarding before any testing begins. The course focuses on the pentesting methodology, guiding you through the stages of assessment from validating scope to reconnaissance, vulnerability scanning, and exploitation. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining access, covering tracks, and preparing comprehensive deliverables to ensure actionable insights for enhancing security. The course wraps up by exploring personal engagement toolkits and pentesting platforms, providing practical knowledge for effective pentesting. It also touches upon blue team pentesting, highlighting the collaborative effort required in cybersecurity to protect against threats.
Table of Contents (9 chapters)
Chapter 4
Principles of Cybersecurity
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Section 3
Statement of Work (SOW) Part 3
In this episode, hosts Don Pezet and Daniel Lowrie, joined by expert Brad Stine, delve deep into the complexities of Statements of Work (SOW) in the Practical Pentesting series. They explore critical aspects such as rules of engagement, scheduling, deliverables, and pricing, providing invaluable insights for both budding and seasoned professionals.