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CyberPatriot [Video]

By : ACI Learning, Steve Linthicum, Cherokee Boose
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CyberPatriot [Video]

By: ACI Learning, Steve Linthicum, Cherokee Boose

Overview of this book

The course unfolds with a comprehensive introduction to cybersecurity, spanning essential topics like online safety, ethics, and current events. Delving deeper, participants explore core principles, including the CIA Triad, threats, and vulnerabilities. From fundamental to advanced levels, the course covers cybersecurity techniques with hands-on experience in both Microsoft Windows and Linux environments. Navigating through networking basics, Microsoft Windows history, and security tools, the course emphasizes account management, security policies, and tools. A thorough examination of Ubuntu and Linux security, encompassing both graphical and command-line interfaces, ensures a well-rounded understanding. The course continues by unraveling the intricacies of computer operations, virtualization, and performance monitoring. Introducing Linux and Ubuntu, the course covers command-line usage, security measures, and advanced techniques. In the final stretch, you will explore ethical hacking tools and techniques, developing critical security analysis and incident response skills. The course concludes with advanced Ubuntu security, providing a comprehensive skill set for tackling evolving cyber threats.
Table of Contents (10 chapters)
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Introduction to CyberPatriot and Cybersecurity
Introduction to Online Safety
Chapter 3
Cyber Ethics
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Section 2
Current Event 1
In this episode, join your host Cherokee Boose and Professor Steve Linthicum as they delve into a fascinating case involving a network engineer, Terry Childs, who faced legal consequences for refusing to hand over a crucial password, sparking a discussion on cyber ethics and consequences.