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Learn Python and Ethical Hacking from Scratch [Video]

By : Zaid Sabih
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Learn Python and Ethical Hacking from Scratch [Video]

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By: Zaid Sabih

Overview of this book

Are you intrigued by how hackers hack into any computer system easily? Do you want to develop the same skills, but not sure where to start? Don’t worry! This course has got you covered. By combining the power of Python and ethical hacking skills, this course shows you how to write Python programs to break into any computer system with ease. The course starts with the fundamentals of ethical hacking and Python programming and guides you through the installation process of the software needed. Once the setup is ready, you will learn Python programming from scratch and start writing hacking programs without any delay. You will learn how a system works and find its weaknesses and will learn how to then write a Python program to exploit those weaknesses to hack the system. To master the craft of hacking, you will learn to write ethical hacking programs from backdoors, keyloggers, credential harvesters, network hacking tools, website hacking tools, the list goes on. You will also have gained a deep understanding of how computer systems work and how to model problems, design an algorithm to solve problems, and implement solutions using Python. By the end of this course, you will be well-versed with Python programming and will have developed the skills to write programs in Python to hack a system. All the code files are placed at
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
Website/Web Application Hacking
Writing a Program to Guess Login Information
Chapter 7
Writing a Domain Name Server (DNS) Spoofer
Content Locked
Section 6
Modifying Packets on the Fly
This video shows how to modify intercepted DNS responses and replace them with the one we created.