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AWS Data Security [Video]

By : Toni de la Fuente
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AWS Data Security [Video]

By: Toni de la Fuente

Overview of this book

<p>AWS as a cloud platform provides a lot of features to secure your application data from the global threat environment. With a lot of data on the cloud, you must be wondering, is my data safe? This video course will guide you in different aspects of AWS Data security to help you protect your infrastructure, making it safe and secure.</p> <p>If you struggle to ensure that your resources are safe, especially in this age of virtualization, this course will show you exactly how to overcome these problems. With a quick introduction to AWS security, you will use its shared responsibility model for identification and access management. Next, you will monitor and audit crucial services to discover important security-related events. You will be guided to perform important security functions such as key management service, storage options, access controls, and database platform security features. Then, you will design a layered secured network, highlighting how to protect your data from third-party threats. Lastly, you will learn to roll-out your data in an emergency by using backup and disaster recovery techniques to ensure your data safety.</p> <p>By the end of the course, you will be capable of dealing with security scenarios and can be confident that your AWS data is safe and secure.</p> <h2>Style and Approach</h2> <p>This course delivers clear concepts and detailed explanation with interesting and illustrative examples, along with step-by-step instructions to implement the best security practices.</p>
Table of Contents (8 chapters)
Chapter 6
Networking Security and Encryption in-transit
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Section 2
Security Groups and NACLs
This video will teach you what are and how to use NACLs and Security Groups. - Learn basics on stateful and stateless firewalls in AWS with NACLs and Security Groups - Understand when and how to use each one of them