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Building an Application with CoffeeScript [Video]

By : Darko Bozhinovski
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Building an Application with CoffeeScript [Video]

By: Darko Bozhinovski

Overview of this book

<p>CoffeeScript is a programming language that transcompiles to JavaScript. Using CoffeeScript, programs can be written with less code, typically only a third of JavaScript lines, with no effect on runtime performance.</p> <p>This video course provides invaluable insight into the practical usefulness of CoffeeScript, how it can simplify web development, and allow us to easily build web applications or re-factor existing ones.</p> <p>From getting acquainted with CoffeeScript all the way to using it in production, this course focuses on the practical aspects of the language. You’ll get to see all it offers, such as the simplified syntax compared to JavaScript, the impressive build tools, and the possibilities to simplify your project structure.</p> <p>You'll build an application while learning the specifics of the language and the many tricks CoffeeScript has up its sleeve. You will use JavaScript libraries to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’, while inventing some wheels of our own in order to better understand some advanced concepts . We'll go through a really simple MVC framework that provides the basis of a simple document editing application that can export documents to the desktop (from the Web).</p> <p>The app we’ll be building is fully extensible so you can easily make it your own. Want a note-taking app? We have you covered. Want to extend the app to something more? By all means, you'll have a skeleton app which you can revamp again and again to build various apps with CoffeeScript.</p> <h1>Style and Approach</h1> <p>Packt video courses are designed to cover the breadth of the topic in short, hands-on, task-based videos. Each course is divided into short manageable sections, so you can watch the whole thing or jump to the bit you need. The focus is on practical instructions and screencasts showing you how to get the job done.</p> <p>This course covers the fundamentals of CoffeeScript with real-world examples and provides a practical step-by-step approach to building a web app. The course brushes up the basics, bringing you up to speed with all the essentials to building an app, and then dives in to creating the app and publishing it.</p>
Table of Contents (8 chapters)
The Storage Layer – Models and Data Persistence
Interactions and Event Handling – Using JQuery with CoffeeScript
Extending Our Application – Manipulating Stored Data
Publishing and Real-world Usage for Our Documents
Chapter 1
CoffeeScript 101
Content Locked
Section 3
Tools and Extras
How to use Cake tasks instead of manually running compilation. - Introduction to Cake and Cakefiles - Understanding Cakefiles and its examples - Conclusion