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JavaScript from Beginner to Expert [Video]

By : Arkadiusz Włodarczyk
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JavaScript from Beginner to Expert [Video]

By: Arkadiusz Włodarczyk

Overview of this book

The course is designed for people who don't have any knowledge about programming or want to truly understand JavaScript. It doesn't matter if you have never written any programs or you have no idea about programming... After my course, all this will change. You will bust the myth that programming is a difficult thing only for the few! JavaScript will bring life to your website. Learn JavaScript in order to improve the user experience on your website, which will result in more visitors and sales, because happy visitors = a better reputation for your website. JavaScript gives your website additional functionalities that can be executed on the user's computer without re-connecting to the server. This allows you to do things that you cannot do with only HTML. Because of this, the user interface becomes friendlier and more inter-active JavaScript is a programming language used for creating dynamic action on your website. If you want to remove/change/add content to your website dynamically, you must know JavaScript. After this course, you will know JavaScript perfectly. This is the most organized course about JavaScript from Beginner to Expert on the whole Internet. I will take you step by step from theory to practical examples, like image sliders and animation.
Table of Contents (26 chapters)
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Advanced - Optional Topics
Chapter 9
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Section 3
instruction break and continue
Learn how to break and continue from a loop.