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REST API Automation Testing from Scratch - REST Assured Java [Video]

By : Rahul Shetty
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REST API Automation Testing from Scratch - REST Assured Java [Video]

By: Rahul Shetty

Overview of this book

Explore the world of REST API with this hands-on course. You’ll not only learn the concepts from scratch but also find out how giant companies such as Jira, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Maps are using REST API to automate their services. The course starts with the basics of REST API and proceeds toward brushing up your Java skills. Next, you’ll become familiar with the concept of Postman and test APIs with Postman. As you advance, you’ll discover different types of REST requests and set up the REST assured environment for automation. Next, you’ll optimize scripts to match framework standards and closely study the grant type authorization flow with an interesting example. Moving ahead, you’ll solve complex queries from JSON with simple POJO methods and learn to automate APIs with the help of many examples. Toward the end, you’ll migrate a project to the TestNG framework and understand the importance of Maven in framework development. By the end of this course, you’ll have complete knowledge of REST API automation testing. The code bundle for this course is available at
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
Chapter 8
Handling Google and Facebook OAuth 2.0 Authorization Grant Types
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Section 1
Introduction to OAuth 2.0 and Different Grant Types
This video presents an introduction to OAuth 2.0 and the different grant types.