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Beginning API Development with Node.js

By : Tamas Piros
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Beginning API Development with Node.js

By: Tamas Piros

Overview of this book

<p>As a web developer you’ve probably heard a lot about APIs and microservices over the last few of years. In this course we’ll show you exactly how to get started with building out your own API, which you can remix and extend to seamlessly integrate with other services. </p><p> </p><p>After a refresher on Node.js we’ll take a look at the asynchronous programming model, which is key to understanding why Node.js is a good fit for API development. We’ll then dive right into building out our example API followed up with coverage on how to create companion unit tests to make sure everything is set for production. This serves as a great starting point for adaptation and extension for personal projects.</p>
Table of Contents (3 chapters)
Chapter 3
Building the API: Part 2
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Section 7
Authenticating Your API with JWT
So far, we have been using our API without any authentication. This means that if this API is hosted at a public place, anyone can access any of the routes, including deleting all our records! In this video, we’ll learn how to : - Secure all the routes - Add user authentication