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Hands-On Server-Side Web Development with Koa.js [Video]

By : Aakash Handa
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Hands-On Server-Side Web Development with Koa.js [Video]

By: Aakash Handa

Overview of this book

The demand for multi-functional applications has grown over the past few years. To simplify the application development process, Express has come up with Koa, a minimal version of the Node.js framework. This course starts by helping you set up the environment you need to use Koa.js. You will learn to create a server using Node.js and Koa.js. You will build views, use the available Koa templates, and learn to authenticate your app and provide secure login access using JWT. You’ll learn to use promises, and async functions while building your application, and how to handle errors using try-catch and utilize the middleware. Finally, you will master database connectivity and deploy your application on Docker. By the end of this course, you will be able to leverage the Koa framework to develop server-side applications. The code files for this course are available at -
Table of Contents (7 chapters)
Chapter 2
Getting Started with Koa
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Section 2
Understanding the Concept of ctx in Koa
In this video, we shall see the clear introduction of context, which is called as ctx in Koa.